The traditional range of Soda King carbonated soft drinks consists of fifteen delicious flavours.

These beverages are available in 2L family sizes, convenient 500ml's and also in on-the-go 330ml sizes – all in safe, PET plastic bottles.

The popular flavours are based on exact, tested recipes and consistent standards.

Only sugar is used to sweeten the drinks and no artificial sweeteners are used whatsoever.

All products are also completely tartrazine free!

Soda King ensures a high quality thirst quenching taste sensation at a price that’s truly affordable!




1:  Orange
2:  Cream Soda
4:  Lemonade
5:  Strawberry
6:  Passion Fruit & Lemonade
7:  Sparkling Lemon
8:  Soda Water
9:  Raspberry
10: Apple
11: Ginger Beer
12: Red Grape
13: Coco Pine
14: Pineapple
15: Iron Brew

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